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Me Sophie Mongeon

Sophie Mongeon, lawyer, mother, entrepreneur and activist. She has been representing victims of workplace and traffic accidents for 25 years, and has had the privilege of learning the ropes of the trade from Maître Martine Desroches from 1995, up until her appointment has a judge to the Tribunal administratif du travail in 2017. Following this event, Maître Mongeon became president of Desroches Mongeon Avocats. Having pleaded hundreds of cases and dealt with thousands of victims, she noted that administrative laws, which were created over 40 years ago, were no longer adequate to properly compensate citizens. She listens to her inner voice and decides to advocate for change.

She became legal counsel for the Association of Asbestos Victims, the Association for the Rights of Accident Victims, as well as for the Association of Families of Murdered or Missing Persons. Maître Mongeon also participates in the Juripop program, helping victims of sexual violence and workplace harassment. She partnered with Moelle épinière et motricité Québec, an organization for people with spinal cord injuries, in a case involving the discrimination of disabled persons. Committed, she comments on legal news and has participated in shows like La Facture, Enquête, LCN matin, 24/60, RDI Économie, on top of having her weekly legal column on the radio at 91,9 Sports. Her goal: to cry out the need for change. She meets with deputies and ministers to raise awareness on the hardships that many citizens encounter before courts and tribunals. Her determination has been rewarded with a nomination as Canada’s Lawyer of the Year 2021 (Best Lawyers 2021 Magazine) for her work with workplace accidents victims.

Through this quest, she meets professionals and people who work tirelessly to help victims of workplace or traffic accidents, criminal acts, or other litigation with organizations. There are several NPOs (Non-profit organizations) in Quebec able to offer free support to these people, but they aren’t always well-known. Maître Mongeon meets tons of professionals who are concerned about helping victims. It is with this idea in mind that she decided to create the 1-855-MAITRES network. As of the fall of 2020, any citizen seeking help, support from a non-profit organization or a lawyer, can contact 1-855-MAITRES (1-855-624-8737). Maître Mongeon will help them find an NPO or a competent lawyer that fits their budget.

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